Neck Pain Treatment NYC

Most of us have experienced neck pain at one point or another. It can make even the slightest neck movements unbearable, whether caused by working out, sleeping improperly, or another daily activity. Neck pain can also cause headaches and interrupt your day-to-day routine and sleep.

Neck Pain – Common Causes

At Elevated Heath NYC, we focus on fixing the root cause of your knee pain to help you find long-lasting relief and improve your quality of life. Through chiropractic care treatments, we successfully address a wide range of different conditions linked to neck pain.

Some common examples of causes include:  

At the end of the day, most neck pain comes from an impact on your spine’s alignment. Often, muscles will spasm during neck pain, which pulls the spine even further, causing more misalignment. The good news is that chiropractic adjustments can help.

Turn To Elevated Health NYC For Help

Chiropractic care decreases the pain and inflammation associated with neck pain. These treatments are an effective, safe, and non-invasive option for those who are tired of pain medication “masking” their symptoms and who aren’t interested in surgery. 

Some additional health benefits to chiropractic care include: