Arm & Leg Pain

As they are used quite frequently, our team at Elevated Health NYC sees a wide variety of injuries to the hips and shoulder joints, each and every week From sports injuries to “wear and tear” issues, as well as some repetitive daily routines in between, these activities can lead to pain and discomfort to your arms and legs, causing a major interruption in your life.

The most common reason behind chronic arm and leg pain is a misalignment in the lower or upper spine. When your vertebrae aren’t working optimally, this increases your chances of experiencing pain and discomfort throughout your arms and legs. The first thing to do if you are experiencing arm or leg pain is to turn to a healthcare professional so they can pinpoint the underlying reason behind your discomfort.

Turn To Elevated Health NYC For Help

As these joints work in unique ways, there are a wide variety of reasons behind arm and leg pain. The first step to reducing your discomfort is an evaluation with one of our doctors. This typically consists of a physical assessment, collection of your medical history, and, if needed, X-rays. A complete evaluation will help us determine the root cause of your pain and to determine the most effective treatment plan, which will include chiropractic care adjustments.

Chiropractic care can help decrease the pain and inflammation associated with arm and leg pain. Adjustments are an effective, safe, and non-invasive option for those who are tired of pain medication “masking” their symptoms and who aren’t interested in surgery. 

Some additional health benefits to chiropractic care include: