Christine Bochenek, NP

Christine is from the Dayton, Ohio area where she graduated with a Master of Science degree in Nursing from Wright State University in 2002. She worked in various clinical and administrative nursing positions in the state of Ohio prior to coming to New York City in 2017. For the past three years her focus has been on stem cell therapy and the benefits it can provide to her patients.

A large part of Christine’s dedication to making stem cell therapy available to patients is a result of her treating patients with chronic pain, coupled with the overuse of opioid medications by the healthcare industry. In particular, she grew frustrated when Ohio rose to the second highest rate of opioid overdoses in the United States. As a matter of conscience, she was driven to identify a better way forward to help patients be free of pain and allow them to experience and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The change in Christine’s caregiving philosophy brought her to New York City in order to join a multidisciplinary sports, anti-aging, and pain management practice. Ultimately, her passion to treat pain with different modalities has led her to the field of regenerative medicine.

As a result, Christine has served as an ACNP stem cell coordinator for three years here in New York. Her position has led her to work with patients ranging from professional athletes to weekend warriors; in addition to patients with general symptoms, such as back pain, knee, and shoulder pain.

Christine has expressed her hopes for helping patients of Elevated Healthcare NYC in this way:

“The science of stem cells is fascinating and intricate. As you can imagine, the field of regenerative medicine is advancing every day. My goal is to always stay on top of the innovations in the field and when possible, make them available to our patients at Elevated. Also, my goal is not just to treat, but to hopefully replace ailing tissue with new tissue.”