Federal Employee Healthcare

At Elevated Health NYC, our goal is to give injured federal employees proper care for their injuries and to help them get their injury claims accepted. We ensure that all treatment is medically indicated, all rules and laws are followed, and all patients are met with respect and dignity.

Dr. Corrente, Dr. Shockey, Dr. Bargiel, and their team are well-versed in OWCP claims and offer free claims assistance to help injured federal employees receive the federal workers’ compensation benefits afforded to them by the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA).


Treating Injured Federal Employees

Have you suffered a federal workplace injury? At Elevated Health NYC, our practice uses a multidisciplinary approach to help heal patients with the necessary treatments for their conditions.

This may be a mix of chiropractic care, physical therapy, regenerative medicine, and other treatments as needed until our patients are recovered from their injuries or illnesses.

We treat all injured federal workers, including those employed by:

Our team is here to get you the expert medical care you need to recover from your injury. Our federal workforce deserves the highest level of care, and we are committed to delivering this to each patient we serve.

We treat federal workers for all types of injuries that occur in their line of work, including:

OWCP Claims Assistance – Get the Benefits You Deserve

Under the Office of Workers’ Comp Programs (OWCP) in the Department of Labor (DOL), federal workers’ injury benefits are available to those who have suffered an illness or injury because of their work duties. You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for your doctor’s visits or use your sick leave to get the care you need to recover. Your federal workers’ injury benefits protect you from these and other issues. Your travel for medical treatments, to and from these visits, medications, and any needed devices are all covered under FECA. If you’ve been treated by another doctor, it’s very likely that you’ve been forced to pay money out of your own pocket for copays and deductibles on things like doctor’s visits, MRIs, and medications. You’ve probably even had to take time off work using your own sick and annual leave. When you choose Elevated Health, we know how to get your OWCP work injury claim accepted and how to help you get all your time and money back.

To learn more about how we help federal employees call us today at 212-206-6400.